Can Anyone Actually Get This To Work?


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I had my photos backing up a month ago, but now it just stopped working.  I have tried reinstalling on both the pc and the phone and it just does nothing at all.  I go on the phone I choose the backup folder where my pictures are stored, then email the link to my pc, then I put the code in the pc and choose the folder to send it to. Then I wait, and nothing ever happens? So is this program broken?

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Does your PC display your phone in the "Devices" tab?

If no - it looks to be a connectivity issue and I'd like to ask more about how your PC and phone are connected (over internet? LAN?)

If yes - I'd like to ask you collecting debug logs for both phone and PC (it is necessary to make sure that issue gets into a log and both logs are collected more or less simultaneously to make sure they hold intersecting period of time).

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