Don't Have Permission To Write To The Selected Folder


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1.3.94 on Win XP SP3 x86.

Had a mapped drive set in btsync as a sync folder on Win7.

The mapped drive is made logged in as a domain admin user account. No problem so far.

Removed that sync folder from the Win7 computer to add it to a XP computer instead, where the same exact windows domain admin user is logged in with the same exact mapped drive.

But now when trying to add the mapped drive as a folder in btsync, the following btsync error pops up:

"don't have permission to write to the selected folder"

However, I can manually copy and delete files just fine in the mapped drive as this user.


I can successfully add any subfolder under the mapped drive to btsync. But it won't let me add the mapped drive itself P:\

I also tried the unc convention that i saw used in the btsync log file for the sub folders of the mapped drive, but no luck.


Any ideas?

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I suspect that issue covers somewhere in SMB share implementation. SMB (although it has been reverse-engineered) is MS closed protocol and it slightly changes between Windows versions.


Bittorrent Sync is doing a lot of things in the directory it syncs: reads / writes data, enumerates folders, set file properties and mtime - and it looks like something of that was restrticted when it was running under XP.


I suggest turning on debug log, reproducing the issue then sending feedback from application UI (it will propose to send debug log as well), also note this topic in the message body for ease of issue identification. This will give us a chance to see what has happened on your XP.

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