[Solved] Direct Sync Woes


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Hi all.


I was hoping someone may be able to help me overcome an issue I am experiencing with regard to BTSync and direct connections.


I have a NAS at home running BTSync latest. I have a laptop with the client, also latest. When I am connected to my home network, Sync is working well.


The problem comes when I am trying to connect from an external network. My home connection has several static IP addresses, one of which I have dedicated to Sync. This has the relevant port NAT'd to the internal address of the interface listening on Sync.


I have defined the host and port in the client properties and have unchecked the options to use trackers and relays etc. as I wanted this to connect directly.


However, the client never seems to connect. I see an entry in my firewall indicating the connection was allowed, but I don't see any devices connected. In my debug log, I seem to get lots of entries like this:


[2014-05-27 12:15:27] Send ping to peer (0000000000000000000000000000000000000000) for share [share id removed]:
[2014-05-27 12:15:27] ping [ip]:[port]


This just repeats and repeats...


Anyone have any ideas what I'm doing wrong here?


All the best.



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Eugh - ignore me. I checked out the log on the NAS (NAS4FREE) and it appears the server was listening on a different interface than the one I had selected in the extension and was therefore failing to receive the forward port. Since this is actually an issue with the extension, I will leave you all in peace :)





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