Unable To Sync In Corporate Network


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Hi there,


I am trying to get BTSync to work between work at home


I have the following configuration


2x VPS in different data centres hosting BTSYNC

2x Home computers both synced up

1x Work computer



All machines connect and work with the exception of the work computer. I believe there will be some sort of firewall or such related issue, However i am under the impression this should still work as the following conditions exist


1> All options turned on and left enabled.

2> Have specified Predefined Hosts and configured ports (Port 10000) for this to connect to.

3> From the work computer, I can succesfully telnet to port 10000 on another host machine (Either a VPS or a home machine) and can see that the port is listening and connecting, However, When using the same port number and host in predfined hosts -  BTSYNC does not recognise this and continue to say 0 connected devices.


Am i missing something in the configuration here? I have checked the sync logs extensively and cant see any attempts to connect coming through


What steps should i be taking to attempt to resolve this?

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i have solved it with a "complex but working" solution.

i am running a proxy at home behind stunnel ( certificates and whitelist) ,

i am using stunnel to camoflough the proxy trafiic to look like any ssl traffic

and even use standard SSL port ( POP3S - 993 , SMTPS-465 , HTTPS-443).

those ports are usually open on enterprised networks.

i am running proxifier on my work computer, which connects via a proxy server at home.

obviously it is running on tcp only what its working.


i am trying to skip the proxy use, and stick with stunnel only but 

i havent sorted how to force btsync to use only tcp on linux.



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