Synology To Synology Sync Excruciatingly Slow

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Hopefully someone can help me with my setup on two Synology NASs that I'd like to sync some folders on.


I've followed the setup instructions for installing btsync on my devices at: (I've gone this route to keep my build up to date as the synocommunity has gone down along with their package). I have a default config setup onboth NASs.


I've set up a folder on each NAS to be used for syncing and synced them using the web ui. They connect instantly (no issue there).


However, when I put files in the sync folder on NAS 1, it takes an eternity to sync the files to NAS 2. Here are the specs:

  • Both NASs connected on an internal gigabit LAN network
  • sync folders on respective NASs newly create, containing no files
  • Add 4 files of approx 16MB in total to sync folder on NAS 1
  • Files are recognised and start transferring: ie !Sync temp files are created
  • After 1 hour, files are still syncing (not one of the 4 has finished)
  • Transfer speeds are showing at between 2 and 70 B/s (ie barely moving)
  • CPU and RAM usage on both devices are hovering around 10 - 20%, so that isn't an issue

Now comes the interesting part:

  • I put btsync for Mac on my MacBook Pro
  • I then added the sync folder to my MBP
  • Within an instant, all 3 devices are brought into sync

So the upshot is that the synology to synology sync is dire, but add a 3rd device using a different platform and everything works as expected. My assumption is therefore that NAS 1 syncs rapidly and as expected with the MBP which then syncs rapidly with NAS 2 (not proven, but still a strong assumption).


Of course, I don't want to/can't leave my MBP on to continually keep the NASs in sync.


My question, of course, is how do I get NAS 1 & NAS 2 to sync at anything approaching decent speeds?


Is there maybe something in the default Linux setups/configs that conflict and needs to be amended to speed up Linux to Linux syncing?? Or something else??

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