Missing Default Syncignore Items On Os X


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Ever since I started using BittorrentSync more actively, it has bugged me that the it has been syncing more or less constantly from my laptop (which I stream to two servers for backups).


Yesterday I dug into it to see what it was actually doing, and noticed that there were two Finder items that was missing from the SyncIgnore list.


After adding these two items to my ignore files stopped syncing constantly and behave a lot more sane.


I'm not sure if it is a Mavericks only thing, but I'm running on 10.9.3.

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The .SyncIgnore files automatically generated by Sync only contains a handful of exclusion rules by default. If you require other specific exclusions, you need to manually edit your .SyncIgnore files.


There's a related discussion over in the Feature Requests forum, however, on what the "default" .SyncIgnore rules should ideally be included in the automatically generated .SyncIgnore files. Perhaps consider adding your request in that thread?

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