Bittorrent Sync Not Responding

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Hi until about 3 weeks ago I had bittorrent sync working perfectly, syncing about 700gb between a mac and a windows 7 machine. Now bittorent sync crashes on my pc within about 30 seconds of opening the app. The app says it's not responding and the CPU usage goes up to 25% and it never recovers.

Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix it.

Thanks very much for any help offered

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Exactly same problem at my end, on 2 PCs

Same problem here, on mac air and win 7 PC, both installed new today, and within a few sec the PC turns to not responding.  running version 1.3.109.  any chance of installing an earlier version which works?

Go to : > and look at the bottom of the page. I'm gonna try .106 lar today to see if I have the same problem.

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Edit: updated to latest 1.4 version today, two Windows 7 PCs started to sync right after update but the windows 8 laptop still has "not responding" when startin Sync and has 100% diskutilization after starting Sync...


Edit: Actually it works now! Didn't do anything but it's finally working! My issues are gone, at least for the moment.

Indexing works fine too and the transferspeeds are good.

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I have just upgraded both machines to the newest 1.4 version and I'm still having exactly the same problem, the application is unresponsive after about 1 minute off it being opened. Has anyone else had any luck with resolving this?

Does it still transfer data though?

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