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I have set up backup sync of DCIM folder on my android phone. I used that read-only code and now it is synced between 4 nas/pc devices. Yesterday I had to reset my phone so I lost my settings. I have only the read-only code. Is it possible to get the full code somehow? Otherwise how could I avoid this problem in the furure when i replace my phone? Is there a way to backup the full code? (I tried carbon backup but does not work)



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If you didn't write down/save the full code anywhere, then it is lost for good. You'll need to regenerate the secrets and redistribute them to the clients.


If you can backup Sync's data on your Android device and restore it to your new device (this would need root), then you could restore that on the new device.

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This does not work! I have just created a backup on my old phone. Removed the sd card and mounted in the new phone. Restored settings but it does not work! I think the path of sdcard is different so it is not possible to move setting to a new phone.

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This is a backup, not a migration assistant. There are 2 main things which could prevent syncing:


1) The paths in your new phone. Would the path be different - btsync won't be able to pick up a new location.

2) The ID. If you are going to use both old and new phones in BTSync - they are going to have completely same ID, which will prevent them from seeing each other.


This behavior is going to be changed in future (first, to make easier secret change, and second - to automatically track folders which changed location).

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