"Don't Have Permission To Write To The Selected Folder" Issue

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It sounds like you're adapting the SynoCommunity installation to your needs, but I wouldn't be comfortable with that because I could never be sure of all the things it's done to install itself, which makes troubleshooting a pain. I did a clean install, and it's a poor man's guide because it just provides a way of doing it without necessarily fully comprehending everything. If your installation doesn't work, all I'm able to suggest is wiping it and doing a clean install, which I do suggest.


For the file permissions, you use the "chmod" command. Your directories with permissions "d---------" are completely unpermitted, which doesn't sound good, but who knows. A quick and dirty thing to try from the btsync user's root directory to fix all the permissions at one go is:


> chmod -R 755 *


I wouldn't think there'd be any side effects if it doesn't work, but if there are, then, again, feel free to sue me. I assume you know how to start and stop the btsync process when making any changes to its files.


note: you can create txt files on your computer, upload them via the web interface, and then edit them with vi if necessary rather than create something from scratch with vi.

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I really appreciate your help.

I had figured out the necessary chmod command and parameters by the time you read the  last post, and I have everything working. But I agree, a root-and-branch removal of the SynoCommunity package, and replacement with the DIY version, is my next step.

Again, thanks for your help.

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The user under which you run Sync should be the owner of the folder and files in it that you are trying to add. Please, use ls -al command in the folder to learn about the owner of it. 'ps aux | grep sync" to see under which user Sync runs and chwon command to change the owner or chmod command to set necessary permission to the folder. 

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I found a solution! Well at least it works for me. I have a shared Videos folder on my Synology NAS which I wanted to sync between my Mac. I also had the problem with permissions. So I went to the Control Panel – Group – Users – Permissions – and ticked the Read/Write option for the Videos folder which I wanted to sync. And now the Bittorrent Sync client on my NAS indeed syncs the folder. The permission problem is gone. Really happy about it! :D. I hope it works for you. : ]

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I had the same problem today with the latest DSM version so I figured that this is still a current problem. I hope that by documenting what I found today will help other people who like me are not comfortable using a Telnet interface.


 It seems - I stress " seems" - that there is a rights problem that has crept into DSM. I am a use not an IT professional.  Folders I created many months ago work, but recent folders don't.  But how to access all the hidden files that File Station doesn't give access to?  


Searching further on the internet I came across this link:-


I downloaded WinSCP from http://winscp.net/eng/download.php

I followed the instruction exactly,. including using "root" and my admin password and was successful in getting the dual-pane file explorer interface on my PC. 

Browsing to the files that were created some months ago showed that they had rwxr-xr-x or rwxrwxrwx Rights, but the ones I had created recently were "---------" even though they seem to be accessible with File Station.    Right mouse clicking on the folder I had been trying to use with BitTorrent Sync which showed " --------"  gave me a "Properties" choice and when this opened I was given the possibility to check boxes to change the "Rights"  I checked all the boxes and after a few seconds the GUI came back to show the rights had now been changed to "rwxrwxrwx".  

Returning to BitTorrent Sync now I had no error message when I chose this folder to use for synchronizing. 


A big thanks to Richard at wijngaard.org for his detailed explanation on how to access the file properties on a Synology and the guys at  WinSCP for their great app. ... and I hope that this long explanation helps some other users of Synology and BitTorrent Sync if they face the same " don't have permissions to write to the selected folder" , error. 

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