[Solved] Linux 1.3.105 Stuck At "destination Folder Is Not Empty. Add Anyway?"

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Solved this.  the QNAP BitTorrent package modifies webui.zip then does a chatter +ia to webui.zip which prevents that file from getting updated.  I deleted webui.zip and restarted btsync and the new one was written.  I removed the chattr line from the qnap btsync.sh launch script.



I'm trying to add a folder on Linux but I can't get past the "Destination folder is not empty. Add anyway?" message.


This succeeded on the ARM version of 1.3.105, I never got the warning, but on my QNAP i386 version of 1.3.105 this warning came up and I can't get past it.


Another side-effect is that the message persists if I cancel the dialog and go back into add a folder.




*Edit: The ARM version on my DroboFS gives a pop-up confirmation that says "This will share the contents of "..." with everyone who has the key." and I can click Ok and the folder is added.  The i386 version on my QNAP doesn't give me the pop-up.

I got it figured out.


On the Qnap I had to delete the webui.zip file in the .sync directory.  When I did the upgrade to 1.3.105 All I did was replace the btsync file, I didn't think I had to touch anything else. Sorry for the trouble.

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