Bittorrent Sync Slower Than Dropbox Over The Internet

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We are a Software Development Shop that uses file synchonization in order to develop on Windows and automatically sync source code changes to our linux servers and reload our development servers automatically.


We've been using Dropbox for months, and recently decided to give BitTorrent Sync a try and we noticed that it takes for Dropbox usually 5 to 10 seconds max to sync changes to the server whereas BitTorrent Sync takes about 15 - 20 seconds. 


We think that the problem actually is not due to data transfer protocol latency but due to the Windows file watcher taking more time to pick up changes. We reached this conclusion observing the BitTorrent Sync system tray icon and it's notifications.


We'll be happy to cooperate to try and resolve the issue as we love BitTorrent Sync and the flexibility it provides and would love to move over.





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BitTorrent Sync detects files change and starts syncing it after the work on the files is completely over and BitTorrent Sync gets notification about it from the system. So, between user-click Close-'Do you want to save changes?'-Yes and BitTorrent Sync starting to sync some 10-15 (may be more, yes, depending on the app which saves a file) seconds pass. During these seconds the app saves the file and BitTorrent Sync receives notification 

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