Sync Crashes On Start Up With Windows 7 - 64 Bit

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I have used BitTorrent Sync successfully for several months until your recent updates when the program crashes on startup on my desktop PC running Windows 7 64 bit, while it runs perfectly on my laptop running the same operating system. The crash dump was forwarded to the developers on the following reference - 16973929-sync.6d6f.dmp


Can I enquire whather it is possible to obtain earlier versions of BitTorrent Sync which ran perfectly on my system.

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Hi guys,


Did anyone receive a reply or fix for this? I appear to be having the same issue. Thanks!

Let me elaborate on the problem I am having - I have just updated from 1.3x to the newest 1.4 version. I am running 2 computers on Win8 64bit, one computer on Win 7 64 bit and one on win 7 32 bit. All 64 bit computers have exhibited the following problem:


- I install bittorrent sync, run it, and it runs fine.

- I restart the program (or computer) and I get the error the OP posted (BTsync crashes hard)

- if I reinstall the program, it works fine again - until I stop and restart it

- it works fine on the WIN7 32 bit machine


If anyone can elucidate me on this, it would be OMGsuperMEGAawesim.



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