Not Loading All Syncs Shares? Only A Few After Wake Up


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Hello everyone. My current setup is I am sharing my documents, pictures and a few other secrets between devices ( a raspberry pi which acts as a server, and my laptops and desktops at home, work and other parts of the house). On my laptop I have 3 shares being synced (Pictures, Documents and a folder just for laptop desktop). Sometimes upon waking up my laptop, I see that it connects to devices (desktop pictures, desktop sync) but it doesn't connect to desktop documents. It's on the SAME device. In fact, on multiple devices (that were on at the same time). The only way to remedy it was to restart the program (exit, and open it again).  Pausing and resuming doesn't work. Only exiting out of BTSync. 


I wanted to know if anyone has had the same issue. If not, I'd like to inform the developers of this "bug" because it's rather strange. 


Thank you. 


Kind regards.

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