Missing Files From Share Claimed To Be Finished Syncing

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I have been trying to use BT Sync to share my documents folder on Windows 7 (c:\Users\Me\Documents\). There are about 17GB of files in these folders


My other computer is Windows 8.1. I have used the Read Only share on this. The files all copied across (or so I thought until it was pointed out to me that there were a lot missing. The History tab says it has finished synching.


Only the default text is in .SyncIgnore so it is not that, and there are lots of Word documents and PDFs so I don't believe they could all be "in use". I tried deleting the share and recreating it but same result; same files missing.


How can I diagnose what is going on?

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So, doc(x)s and pdfs are not syncing? Please, collect logs (instruction) and send them to syncapp@bittorrent.com. Describe, which files exactly are not syncing, in which subfolders they are located. Also, please, put the link to this forum topic to the mail. Thanks.

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