Folders Sync But Not The Files Inside Them

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I had BT Sync working perfectly until about 2 weeks ago when, for seemingly no reason at all, it started syncing the folders but ONLY the folders.


There should be files inside but they don't show up.


If anyone has any advice I would greatly appreciate it!


Server Computer: Apple Mac Mini (OS 10.9.3 - Mavericks)


Client Computer: Wacom Cintiq Companion (Windows 8)



Thanks for any help, this is a big part of my workflow and I'd love to have it working again.

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just to be sure that all simple things are taken into account -

1) haven't you run out of space on WCC? 

2) Which version of BitTorrent Sync you have installed? 

3) What is the 'Status' of the connection (see on 'Devices' tab) 


Was anything changed is the system settings on both devices before you saw it happening?  Check you firewall on Win8, make sure that files are not locked from BitTorrent Sync on Mac. 

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