Little Anomaly When Adding A Folder With A Non Valid Secret


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OS: Debian X64

Btsync: 1.3.105


This is really not a big bug but still it shouldn't happen that way!


When adding a new folder, from the Web UI, and by accident you put a space before the secret, btsync crash instantly.


In my opinion, instead of crashing, it should simply tell you that your secret key is invalid. ;)


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Sorry, no repro in our labs. Please, write to, send a few relevant screenshots of Web UI (before and after crash) attach the core dumps. Thank you. In your mail, please, put a link to this forum topic so that it was easier to identify the ticket. 

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Weird, I've been able to reproduce it on each server that I've tried.

At least on 5 different server. :wacko:


Maybe it is only happening with the tuxpoldo unofficial server packages!?


Since It's not really a big problem, I will wait until my next debian installation to reproduce the issue and send you back the info you ask.

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