No Sync With Local File Deletion

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Is there a way fo a user to delete a sycned file locally and have it not delete on the server side with an option to redownload the file?


I personally think that it is a really bad idea it was setup this way, but i am sure there is a reason for it. What do you do if you have serveral user sharing a synced folder and one deletes the document because they do not need it anymore? Having to go in and pull out the copy from the .SyncAchrive folder every time would get old very fast.


Other than that. This is a pretty good product. Better then most. Keep up the good work.



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I could only advise you sharing a read-only folders. In this case once someone deletes a file, it won't be deleted from your PC. Deleted files won't be re-downloaded automatically. Also, they can re-download all the deleted files with enabling "Overwrite" option in folder properties, but this can be done with the granularity of whole folder, not the file.


They won't be able to share their files to you, though.

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