Windows Phone: Can't Save - Your Changes Can't Be Saved Because The File Is Set To Read-Only.


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Hi there!


I have Windows Phone 8.1, installed BitTorrent Sync.


Folcer synchronization toward the phone works great. I see the shared folders form my computer.


Then I open one .txt file for editing. I make some changes and try to save the file and whoops, error:


"Can't save - Your changes can't be saved because the fle is set to read-only."


I went to computer, check the file properties and - it really way set to read-only.


So I disable the setting, make it writable again.

.... but no progress.

Every time i check the file properties, the file is Read-Only.


How can I edit the files on my Whindows phone and sync them back to computer?


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@pcpostar, @all


I copy-paste the answer I gave to your ticket, so that everyone can see it.


This is caused by the system architecture. When a text editor opens the file, it opens it with a read-thread, which doesn't allow it to save the edited files back to BitTorrent Sync. Try to save them to some other apps' local storage (apart from OneDrive) or to the phone's local storage, and sending it to BitTorrent Sync from there.

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Hi Helen,

Thanks for the answer. 


Unfortunately, as I know it's not possible to select a folder from local phone storage to sync (in WP8 it is only possible to sync folder from PC/NAS running btsync). IMHO path you presented won't work. 


On the other hand, I can download document from btsync container to local storage (e.g. opening file, editing, and saving in local s.), but current release of btsync doesn't allow user to add this file back to btsync container.


Or maybe I'm doing sth wrong ;>


If the second one way works, the first one wouldn't be necessary :).

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