Blocking Sync To Just 2 Devices And Speed Limits

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I am using 2 Linux systems (ubuntu 12.04) to copy files from one to another. So my "master" server has:


  "device_name": "TEST",
  "listening_port" : 1234,                       
  "storage_path" : "/storagepath/.sync",
  "check_for_updates" : false,
  "lan_encrypt_data" : true,
  "use_upnp" : false,                              
  "download_limit" : 200,
  "upload_limit" : 200,
  "rate_limit_local_peers" : true,
  "shared_folders" :
      "secret" : "my secret key",
      "dir" : "/mydir",
      "use_relay_server" : false,
      "use_tracker" : false,
      "use_dht" : false,
      "search_lan" : false,
      "use_sync_trash" : true,
      "known_hosts" : [""]
The remote server has the RO key and connects just fine. Now, I open a windows btsync client on a device in the same Lan, and it just connects skipping all limit rates.
 The limit bandwidth is the part I worry the most, but it would be ideal if I could also limit the connections to specific IPs.
Any help?
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