I Change A File And Sync Goes Offline


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When thinking about syncing I think about a system where changes are a reason for sync but BitTorrent Sync behaves completely different.

I use it or I want to use it for syncing an encrypted password file over a few devices w/o going over a third server.

But when I change the file on my MacBook I get sometimes the message that sync went offline because the folder is out of sync.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong but the behaviour seems weird.

I hope someone can help me.

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I doubt that it is cased by editing files. It looks like just a coincidence when your devices get disconnected (actually this message means that connected devices got disconnected).


So, please, next time you see this message, check the connectivity, make sure that devices are not turned off, internet is working. And please, describe your setup and peers in more details. Thanks. 

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I tried a lot of things. I use BitTorrent Sync on OSX and two Android devices.


The network connection works and also worked when I tried it, the only thing I did was saving a file with an application where the file was inside the syncing folder.


I just reset/redid my config just now. And it seems to work now. But I didn't do anything different except from not turning off the notification icon on Android.


Also a temporary disconnect from the network shouldn't be resulting in a situation that I have to sync manually, or should it?

Two additions, I just got the message again. Also it wasn't all, just one device which went "offline", the device was online and connected all the time. But the sync setting disappeared from the Sync register in the Android app for a short but visible while.


This is very confusing.


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You told that you are using Mac and 2 android devices. Could you please check settings on your Android device? There is a setting, called "Auto-sleep" intended to save power of mobile device. It forces to unload the core of BTSync for a period of time (30 mins by default), during that time the device is not visible to other peers if BTSync runs in background.


Please see if turning auto-sleep off resolves your issue.

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