Sync Not Indexing Or Keeping History On Either Synced Computer

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I recently started using BT Sync and had it running fine for a few weeks, but suddenly the last few days, my one sync folder has decided to stop indexing on both computers.


My setup is a macbook pro running snow leopard, and a windows 7 desktop. I have one folder setup to sync with multiple sub folders inside, but all settings were left to default.


When I noticed the issue, the folders said they were synced properly, but when I compared the files, the windows 7 machine was missing some. To try and fix the problem, I removed the sync folders from both machines and re-added the folder on the macbook. However, BT sync wont index the folder. It just sits at 0 B in 0 Files. (Same with the windows 7 machine)


I'm assuming this was the original issue before removing the folder from sync. For some reason, indexing wont start on either machine.


The only thing I've changed on either machine in the last few days was installing and running a program called Free File Sync (FFS) that I use to backup the folder to an external HD from the windows machine. Not sure why that would interfere with BT Sync. Free File Sync does create a database file called "sync" with a .ffs_db extension. But, that extension is specifically for FFS.


Here's a link to Free File Sync incase that's helpful:


Thanks for your help!

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Deleting the settings files under AppData\Roaming\Bittorrent Sync got the windows machine to start indexing again, but I did get an error that asked me to reclaim the folder.


Haven't gotten the mac indexing yet.

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