Download Limit Is Ignored

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@datroubler, @noiime,


1) did you try restarting BitTorrent Sync?

2) still try enabling rate_limit_local_peers (yes, I know that your devices sync not in LAN). Also, restart BitTorrent Sync after you edit advanced settings.

3) Are your devices connected directly or over relay? @noiime, please note that limits on relayed connection are not applied. You sync over the internet, but without racker, right? 

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I was about to create a new thread, but lucky this one aldready exists ;)

Adding up to "Helen":

The Speed-Limit is working perfectly with me (Version 1.3.106, newest Version at this time).

BUT: It is somehow overwritten, if i enable/allow the relay-server. If i enable them, regardless of rate_limit_local_peers, the speedlimit seems to be ignored in total.

My limit was 10 (kb/s) up and down but with relayservers it goes way beyond 300 kb/s.

I think that this is a bug.

I am creating a new thread about some other question regarding relayservers, maaaybe at some point i get to the solution.

But try disabling relay-servers (if your setting and work-environment allow it).


Best wishes


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