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Hello all,


As I am currently under the impression that this is not a current feature (as opposed to being a bug), I request that one have the option to preserve timestamps. This is important for several reasons:


    1. I use it for sorting items in folders based on timestamps regularly.

    2. (I believe) that synchronization and clobbering is chosen based on newest timestamp. Though even if BTSync doesn't use it, other programs (e.g. Filezilla) do.

    3. I am attempting to sync >100,000 files > 50 GB, and for some reason, even when both computers are behind the same router, the transfer rate drops to ~100 KB/s (starts around 800 KB/s), leading me to believe that the transfer is going beyond the router (smells like the usual ISP throttling...). For this reason and the timestamp issue, I will first use Filezilla to perform the initial copy (which does preserves timestamps), then use BTSync to keep them synchronized. Of course, I would prefer to use only one program, but for free software, one can only ask for so much...


In case this is actually a bug, my info is:

  • Computer 1: Windows 7 Pro x64, BTSync 1.3.105
  • Computer 2: Windows 7 Pro x64, BTSync 1.3.105

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Hey there.


As statet two weeks ago: When using several windows and linux hosts, preserving time stampts just works there.


Now I added an android device (Samsung Galaxy S2 with latest Cyanogenmod 10.1 nightly). Local storage on the android device is the external SD card with FAT32.


Seems this android configuration doesn't work. Synchronized files get the current time of syncronization when being written instead of the time stamp of the source file.


So that's not a feature request but a bug, I guess.




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