Another Mess With Conflicts!

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I've only been using BTsync for a few months and I REALLY want it to be a permanent solution for my needs, but the chaos of unwarranted conflicts is KILLING me.  This is the third time in a couple of weeks where all of the sudden I get a ton of conflict folders and files, and most of them I haven't even modified. 


I have a Windows 7 Pro desktop machine which is my data source for btsync.  I have a bunch of directory junctions set up on there for syncing only specific folders and their subfolders.  Those folders have tons of git and subversion files/folders within them, but most of which don't change too often. 


I then run xbuntu linux on my laptop with btsync.  This "theoretically" allows me to be able to write code and develop on both machines as needed and both be synced with the latest at any given moment. 


The problem is that as I'm writing code on my laptop, all of the sudden my editor will tell me that some files are no longer there.  I then check my linux btsync head folder and find a .conflict version of it with tons of .conflict files/folders within it.  And also the normal main (non-conflict) folder is bascially empty of most of the other files/folders.  The weird thing is that 99% of the files/folders that were marked as "conflict" have not even been changed recently.


So, how is "conflict" supposed to work?  This current behavior makes btsync essentially unusable for me.  Am I doing something wrong? 


Please help!


Thanks, Brian

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The .conflict files and folders are usually created when filename on one peer is mapped to a different existing filename on another peer. Usually it is bound to upper-lower case of a filename on Windows machines (however, other options are also possible, for example - with composed / decomposed characters specific to certain languages, like umlaute in German, etc.)


In your case the most probable scenario is that some application (editor? VCS?) is changing the case of a file or folder, which brings you a conflict files and folders. Which apps are working with files in your repository on Windows and which on Linux? We'd like to try reproducing it in our lab to improve BTSync behavior.

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please, do not rename .Conflict files and folders - it will cause them appear again. Write to, with answers to Roman's questions and put the link to this topic to the message. Thank you. 

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