Btsync Keeps Trying To Re-Upload Some Files Every Minute

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I am seeing a couple of nodes to which the r/w node keeps trying to upload several files, and for some of those files it even shows some upload speed, like they are actually being sent to those nodes.

But the process keeps repeating every minute or so, trying to upload the same exact files. This has been going on for days.

But this does not happen with other nodes that also show to be incomplete. Actually, by now, about 80% of all the nodes on one of the main share keep showing the incomplete state.

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What is interesting in this case is that timediff does not matter.

No matter what r/w node's time is set to, as soon as BTSync is started,

it begins to try to re-upload the files.

This means to me that we are past the timediff checks and are placed in some queue to upload, which, in turn, probably implies that the reason the same files keep trying to be uploaded is that on the receiving end (r/o nodes), sync temp files are present, which could be caused, for example, by interrupted upload for whatever reason.

This means that the sync temp files has to either time out or deleted after N attempts, or somehow dealt with.

I hope this issue is going to get fixed as I am seeing some nodes for days and weeks trying to re-upload the same files every minute.

Update #1

Actually, I tried to delete the files (from the r/w source node) that kept being attempted to upload, and, after waiting for a couple of minutes, restored those files back. The result is interesting. ALL of those files, but one, now show as fully synced. Interestingly enough, the one that still did not sync is no longer being tried to upload.

This seems to mean that we are dealing with sync temp files, and they are in fact deleted from the target node in case the main file is deleted. But they are not deleted or reset somehow if, for example, file was updated on the source node while it was not totally uploaded to the target node. Something like that.

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