Direct Lan Cable (Faster) Vs Wireless Network (Btsync Binds To)

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I have two laptops, both are connected on a wireless network and the wireless network provides Internet.

The two laptops are also connected with a CAT5 LAN Cable and the connection between them functions:

- I set both laptops up with the IPs and the other one with 

- Netmasks are fine.

- I did a ping test, they ping each other.


BtSync only syncs over the slower wireless connection (52Mbps), rather than the faster (1Gbps) LAN connection. If I disconnect the one PC from wireless, syncing stops.


I added known hosts, and, for extra effect, I added both entries to both laptops in case.


I don't think it's using the Internet to sync, as I'm getting faster speeds on the wireless than Internet would provide.


How do I make it transfer via the LAN cable instead?


Thank you



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If you connected both Laptops with a LAN cable, the LAN-interface on each of the system also requires an IP address.

So, what is the real IP address of the specific LAN-interface used by the cable?


If these are Windows systems open a cmd window and invoke the command "ipconfig /all" to get this information.

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