Android Backup, How To Do One-Way Sync?

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i'm using btsync on android and linux (GUI).


automatic two-way sync folders work perfectly.

i struggle however with the backup of my titanium backup and photo folder. i want the data to be synced to the laptop and kept there, even when i delete the files on android.

i created backup folders from android.

it should either be sync and then delete on android, or keep and let me delete when i decide to.


currently it moves the deleted files on android to ./SyncArchive on linux, which is absolutely not what i want.


another question regardin the ./SyncArchive, the files there expire after a while, right?

what if i disable the versioning, then the files on linux would just be deleted, to the trash or from the "disk"?


i quite like btsync, even though it's closed source, there simply is no alternative for this usecase atm.


thanks for any advice.



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You can adjust your "sync_trash_ttl" setting on the PC. By default it orders BTSync to delete files after 30 days being in SyncArchive. If you set it to "0" they will be never deleted.

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