Changes Detected, But Not Synced Across Lan

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I've been trying out BitTorrent Sync, intending to move my larger piles of data there rather than using Dropbox. I really like the cost savings, and the quicker sync across my LAN without changes having to sync up to the cloud first, but...


Lately I'm seeing a problem. I *think* it might be since upgrading to 1.3.106 but I can't be sure.


My nodes are detecting locally changed files and showing an upwards arrow on the devices page with the correct number of bytes, and other nodes soon show a downward arrow with the same number of bytes. Some of my shares sync fairly quickly, but some just sit there knowing that they need to sync but not actually syncing the changes.


In case it's relevant... all of my OSX and Windows nodes have their firewall configured to drop outbound UDP on port 1900. This is to avoid that traffic killing a Control4 Home Automation processor on the same LAN. I know the fault is with the Control4 box, but I can't fix that so have to work around it. This firewall stuff is not new though. It's been there for weeks without causing sync problems.


I have a mixture of nodes... OSX Mavericks, Windows 8, ReadyNAS 104, WD My Cloud, and some Android and iOS devices. Yes, my house has way too much gadgetry!


Any ideas please?

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Unless any of your nodes is using port 1900 (which I doubt) as "Listening port" it should be fine. BTSync usually uses mulitcast over port 3838 in LAN and direct TCP/UDP connections to random pre-configured port. Make sure that they are not blocked by FW - and traffic must flow :)

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I'm looking at this problem right now... several files were changed in a share on one PC. All except one of those files synced quickly. The last file is sitting there saying there's 1.1MB to upload on one node, with the other nodes saying 1.1MB to download. It's been like that for about 2 hours.


On the node where the files were changed, a Windows 8.1 laptop, the file that is stuck is called classes.dex and is 1235KB. In the same folder I see a file called classes.dex.Sync.Temp, which is larger at 1728KB. It's been like that for a few hours. In case it's relevant, in the same folder there's a subfolder called classes.


On two other nodes, both running OSX Mavericks, classes.dex is 1.9MB and classes.dex.SyncTemp is 1.3MB.


As dozens of files from that share synced ok before it got into this state, I don't think it's likely to be firewall related?

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