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I have two computers running Windows 7 sharing four folders ("2014"  "2013" "2012" "2011").  Each of these has multiple subfolders.


When I create a folder on the i7 computer, the folder shows up on the i5 computer.  But none of the files.


Each of these folders has queued items that are not moving.  


I have restarted BitTorrent Sync on each machine.  This synced some of the 2011 and 2012 folder files, but none of the 2014 files I have been adding all morning.


I have set up more direct links (with secrets) between subfolders to try to get things to work. Sometimes this seems to work, but not entirely.  (This is where my lack of method in solving this problem is a problem itself.)


I have changed the scan times so that it is 120 seconds.  I have made the disk a higher priority.


I have gone into Windows Explorer (Properties) and noticed that on the computer that should be uploading the files, the subfolder is checked as "read-only."  I have unchecked these 


Obviously, I don't know what I'm doing.  Just trying to keep changing things and hope it gets better. I've now given up on that strategy.


Any thoughts?

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