File Changed But Not Synced

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I added a directory to sync and setup syncing. Than I edit file on first PC but BTSync didn't synced it. I have to wait a lot (may be 10 minutes or more) to sync - it's too long time to wait :(


OS is CentOS, BTSync latest version.

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glibc was not installed. Now I installed v2.12. Should inotify work now?

inotifywatch command is working correctly, so I don't know why btsync can't work with inotify


UPD: OK, I switched to debug log and found that there is an event from inotify:

[20140625 22:39:00.224] SyncFolderNotify: "test", event = "IN_MOVED_FROM"[20140625 22:39:00.224] SyncFolderNotify: "testX", event = "IN_MOVED_TO"[20140625 22:39:00.224] [OnNotifyFileRename] /vhosts_static/**************.com_static/test -> /vhosts_static/**************.com_static/testX, source = NULL[20140625 22:39:00.224] SyncFilesController [file changed]: Processing file "/vhosts_static/**************.com_static/test"[20140625 22:39:00.224] SyncFilesController [file changed]: Processing file "/vhosts_static/**************.com_static/testX"[20140625 22:39:00.224] SyncFolderNotify: ".SyncID", event = "IN_CLOSE_WRITE"

But file didn't apear on another node. Why?



UPD 2: I found that now BTSync "knows" that there are a new file for syncing without re-index whole folder. But the problem is that it is not syncing between nodes. Looking in my log, now it takes ~7 minutes to transfere 6 bytes file. (force resync is 120 secs). Any fixes?

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