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I have an ex colleague who use to share access to the bittorrent folder. She has just left the organisation but her computer is still syncing. How can I remove her device as she is not allowed to view any information in the folder since she has left.

I am using a Macbook pro OSX and she is on a windows 7 laptop... can't remember what she has exactly.

Urgent please reply!

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Well, that's a tricky situation. BTSync has no function to revoke secret from unwanted peers: once you've got a secret, you have access. The most simple way is to just change the secret on devices that you can access. In this case your ex-colleague won't see updated files and won't be able to change them - but still will retain the latest copy she managed to sync.


Deleting files from your peer won't help: Sync does not just deletes files, it moves them to hidden .SyncArchive folder, so she'll still be able to access them.

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I would recommend to take all other devices offline and backup the data. Then you delete all files in the sync-folder and wait for the illegal device to sync.

After that you create a new share and so get a new token. You spread this new token to the new devices and start new.


Sure, this is only an option, if this isn't too much to ask for (don't know, how many devices are there to change them manually)


Maybe an easier way:

- Get the external ip of the illegal device.

- Make a Firewall-Rule and block it (yes, this will only work for maximum of 24 hours, cause then his 
IP changes maybe)

- Delete EVERY file in your sync-folder (make sure to make backup first) and put one readme.txt in the sync.folder, which describes the current situation with information about the new share-token and so on....

- Then, after a few devides have synced, shutdown this server and create the new share with the nre token.

If you go this way, everybody, who notices that all files are missing, has the readme.txt with further information and the new token.


Hope, this is of any help :)


Best wishes


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