Finally (Not Yet) I've Solved My Problem With Permanent No 'sync'ing Files

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Hi everybody,


I was having the same problems as everybody, with the exception that the files were ok synchronised between 2 windows and 1 mac, but not with the windows tablet (dell venue 8 pro - standard win8).

And it was specifically some PDF files with no apparent problems (filename, size, etc), whereas other files of the same type were perfectly ok.


I've solved that by excluding the SD card from indexing, excluding the bittorrent process from windows defender, and excluding the SD card from windows defender. One of these things has unblocked the files and now everything that was not synchronised (permanent .!sync extension) is now ok.


I haven't done this for my other 2 windows, so I assume is a matter of cpu powerforce? No idea, but that has worked for me, and may pinpoint windows defender as a potential source of problems.


Hope it helps,



EDIT *False alarm, it has (immediately) solved the situation in one directory (except one file), but I still have a couple more of directories that have files not synced.

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