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Hi there,


before i start, a small description about my current setup:

  • 6 PCs in Germany (windows 8, 64 Bit)
  • All connected via VPN
  • All running the latest version (1.3.106)
  • One of these PCs is calles "SRV", the other 5 (call them A,B,C,D,E) have all only the read-only secret of SRV
  • All have the same configuration:
  • ​​==> NaT-UPnP-Port-Mapping enabled
  • ==> Relay-Servers, Trackerservers, Localnetwork-search, DHT are all disabled
  • No proxies are used here

With this configuration the clients are syncing with SRV without any problem, BUT they are not syncing with each other. They don't even see each other as devices. Only "SRV" is listed (though surely, SRV has all deviced in the list).


If we now activate "allow relayserver" on all clients an restart btsync, after a few secounds, they all see each other as deviced and start to sync with each other. The Other devices listet have the relay-symbol next to them.

(I just add this here: The bug of the speedlimit not applying to relayserver-connections is known and will be fixed shortly?)


My question now: Why don't they see each other when relayservers are disabled?

We sure have a firewall running (pfSense), but all of these clients have a rule to have completely unrestricted acces to the internet.


Is this something that is meant to be this way? From the description of the relay-servers, i would assume that they are just a workaround if it doesn't work without them (due to firewall-limitations).


Please help me understanding this :)


Best wishes


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Actually the "central" peer should let other servers know each others IPs and ports. Relay server has no any relation to sharing peers addresses, aren't you confusing it with Tracker server?


In my lab I confirm that predefined hosts does not share information about each other, while enabling relay server did not fix the situation. Enabling tracker - all peers immediately know about each other.


I'll dive deeper into this issue to find out why "central" peer does not share info and update this thread.

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Can A B C D E connect to each other using other methods like ping or a network share? Maybe this is a VPN/firewall problem. In OpenVPN for example you have to explicitly set the client-to-client option.

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Problem solved. We have a little bit difficult setup with firewall, vpn, vlans, modems and so on. If i open the path for btsync through all of it, they can connect directly.

But now we changed our plan and dont want the peers to see and connect to each other. This is now easy. Thanks for your answer :)

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