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Unity3D developer here and I'd like to be able to have my unity files synced while I work (I know this slows things down but I like having the security that my files will be synced) but because it syncs while I work 'instantly' it tends to mess with the files and makes importing from the Asset store a hassle.  I don't understand the advance controls so could someone help me out?  I'd like to make the sync process wait for at least 5 minutes before it starts syncing new files, how can I do this?

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Sync gives a latency of 10 seconds to settle down the file after last change before syncing it. Can you elaborate what is getting messed?


BTW, for the backup purpose - you can use a ReadOnly key to make sure remote peer won't change your files.

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An example is when I imported a group of files from the Unity Asset store it caused Unity to hang and ultimatly crashed.  I saw BitTorrent sync trying to sync while the importing was happening so I figured BitTorrent Sync was accidently messing up the files that were being imported.  I say this because, for example, when I imported the uFrame asset into Unity the files were 'changed' in the process making the asset not work.  I contacted the person who made uFrame and he mentioned everything was normal on his end so something deffinantly got changed on my end.  Also could you give a step-by-step on how to use a ReadOnly key as you suggested?


Edit :  Also I was looking up on how to sync Unity to github and they mentioned having a SyncIgnore for a couple of folders to make it smoother.  Is there a thing similar to that (that being SyncIgnore) in BitTorrent sync?

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BTSync is going to change files on your PC only if they were changed on remote location. That's why I proposed to share the read-only secret with your remote location. It's rather simple: when opening folder properties in Sync - you can copy "Read-only" secret and use it on remote peer.


For syncignore rules please see this topic, section "How do I use "*" and "?" wildcards in .SyncIgnore files?"

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Thanks RomanZ, your idea for the Read-only makes perfect sense and if things get crazy I'll use that.


For anyone else using BitTorrent Sync but don't want to use the Read-Only idea, I just found a tip that works :

#1. Make sure you can see hidden files on your computer.

#2. Open .SyncIgnore with Notepad.

#3. Paste this below everything that's already typed in :

#Unity Ignore files/folder below



This makes it so I can still work with my project from place to place and not have BitTorrent accidently change anything.


Thanks again RomanZ!

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