Bittorrent Constantly Using 10-20% Cpu, Even When Idle

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Sure, looking at the sample:
​Date/Time:       2014-06-30 12:20:00.754 -0700

[20140630 12:19:07.269] Incoming connection from
[20140630 12:19:07.355] Extension: ipv4:[] for '/Volumes/Rydia/Desktop/Document.txt/com.apple.FinderInfo'
[20140630 12:20:08.278] Incoming connection from
Nothing was logged in that timeframe "12:20:00.754" minus 30 seconds or so.
Additionally, BT Sync in activity monitor and top is literally never dropping below 6-10% CPU usage. For example, the CPU time of BTSync on my machine right now (post reboot last night) is 1:43:37.95 where window server is 1:36:39.01. 

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