Relay Server Used When Lan Is Available

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I'm syncing two folders between a Mac mini and an iMac, both running OS X Mavericks. The same two folders are also syncing to a VPS.


Recently I noticed a cloud icon next to the iMac syncs in the devices list, indicating that a relay server was being used for those syncs. At the time both machines were running 1.3.94. Restarting BTSync fixes the problem, but eventually it reappears.


On a hunch, last week I disabled the use of relay server for one of the two folders.


Both machines are now running 1.3.106, and just today I noticed the cloud icon next to the iMac for the folder that's allowed to use a relay server. The other folder has no cloud icon.


I have a feeling this may be related to one or other machine going to sleep.


I would like to be able to allow all devices to use a relay server when necessary, but for now I feel compelled to turn off that option to prevent unnecessary use of a relay server.

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Actually, BTSync tends to use direct connection when possible. So the fact that it jumps to relay indicates that it fails to connect directly. The only thing I wonder is why it does not switch back to direct once it is again available.


Are you using some firewalls? Are your Macs are in the same subnet?

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The only firewall I'm using is the built-in OS X firewall.


The Macs are on the same subnet.


The folders with "Use relay server ..." disabled sync correctly over the LAN. The folder with "Use relay server ..." enabled usually syncs correctly via LAN. It's only from time to time that I notice it has a cloud icon, indicating use of a relay server.


FYI, I have "Use NAT UPnP port mapping" disabled, which obviously shouldn't affect LAN connections, but I thought I should mention it.

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Still looks like something interferes LAN connection - which forces peers to jump to relay server. I can take a look at the logs from both peers, but it is very likely i'm not going to see anything except connectivity issues.

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