Syncing Music Libraries Over 100Gb

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Can someone please explain to me why when a folder gets over 100GB BTSync seems to just stall out?  Ive tried to set this up many ways and now I have a the secret setup on the remote computer as a read only folder  I am looking at the sync queue and its telling me its "syncing 2,061 files" yet is just sits there.  


Secret setup on MAC OSX

Read only folder located on Win Server 2008 R2


Please help before I abandon BTSync.  

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I'll do my best to help you, if you can share more details. In particular, I need debug logs from both your Winserver and Macos. Please send them to and mention this topic in the message body,

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Still haven't received any logs from you. So far I assume that the files on your RO peer have been changed. In this case the peer with full access secret will show the corresponding amount of files to be uploaded. 

To get rid of the queue, on the read-only peer open folder settings in BitTorrent Sync and enable "Restore modified files to original version". With this option enabled, if a file is changed on the RO peer, the older version of the file will be downloaded from Full-access peer to RO peer replacing the changed file. If on RO peer file had its name changed, Full-access peer will send the file with previous name, and two files (with changed and old name) will be present on the RO peer.


If it's not your case, collect logs and send it to me (as RomanZ suggested) and provide the following details: where you see the queue (mac or win?) and is it saying upload or download? Thanks.

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