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How To Setup Btsync On Readynas 102

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I ame a beginner and very new in this matter.

I install the BitTorrent Sync app on my Netgear Readynas 102.

Also i installed the latest version of BitTorrent Sync for Windows 7 on my desktop pc and Windows 8 on my laptop.

The folders i sync between te computers working excellent. On the NAS happens nothing. If one computer is shuting down, there is no sync with the NAS.

In the firewall, is see the TCP-In and UDP-In are activated.

Is there something i can do more to make contact with the NAS?

Thanks in advance.

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I was recently absent.

Yes, on both computers is the nas available.

A lot of data is already stored on de NAS. I edit some .ods (xls) files directly from one or other computer.

I do not know how to start that app in Windows. The app is already implemented on the nas.

My favorite computer is the desktop pc with Windows 7.

The intention is to keep my agenda household up to date.

Hope you can help me out.

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By the installation of BTSync on Windows 7, i choose the folder btsync from the NAS.
When i launch BitTorrent Sync 1.3.106 in Windows 7 and +Add folder, in Folder secret, i use the one from de folder in the NAS.
When i browse to "Folder to sync", i direct to the folder "archief" in Explorer.
By clicking OK, i have the message: Selected folder is already added to BitTorrent Sync.
What do i wrong?

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In my browser when i go to xxxx:7099/gui/ and click on the Add Folder, i see a linux structure. There I getting stuck and do not know what to do. I want only to direct to my folder "archief" on my hard drive.

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