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Renaming P1P5 To Eth0 Borked Network

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ok, so I wanted to rename my ethernet card in Ubuntu 14.04 from P1P5 to ETH0. I wanted to do this because p5p1 was messing with BTsync and other media programs.


I naively thought that I could do this by altering the /etc/network/interfaces file, swapping 'P1P5' for 'eth0'. I tried this. It didn't work.


So... i put /etc/network/interfaces back to how it was:


auto p5p1

iface p5p1 inet static






Only now... when i reboot the PC, there is no network. And to get a network I have to manually "ifconfig P5P1 up && dhclient P5P1" EVERY time.


"lspci" picks up the hardware fine, and "lshw -C network" does not day "disabled" anywhere in it.


Please can anyone help me acheive two things:


1. Get ethernet to work on reboot normally.

2. Rename ethernet connection from p1p5 to eth0 so that BTSync and "other media programs" might work again.





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