Add Folder Button On Webui Don't List Any Folders


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Hello Guys,


Recently i started getting a problem, when i click "Add Folder" on the WebUI, no folders are listed in the "popover".


Here is the screenshot of the "popover"


Here is the screenshot of my full WebUI



I had a similar problem before, where it would take some time to list the folders, but now, it just don't show up.


After i created my own "config file" ( before i was running default ) and the problem still don't go away.


Here is my config file:

  "folder_rescan_interval": 10000,
  "storage_path": "/home/btsync/.sync",
  "webui": {
    "listen" : ""
Is there "logs" i could read to see what is going on?
Is there a way of "dumping the list of shares" i have into a config file so then i can append more shares "by hand" ?
Any ideas?
Its running the arch version on a "Wd My Cloud", thank you very much
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Also noticed that after some time when the first level of folders appear, they actually appear duplicated.


After long time the folders appear, and when i click they don't "unfold". as if my system was extremely slow.


hence why i changed the folder_rescan_interval to "10000", hoping it would not scan my btsynced folders all the time, specially cause its used as "server" so the changes almost never comes from that hard drive, generally they come from a user in the network.

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not to say btsync eating my memory and processing power. poor little NAS...


i think i'll reset the NAS and use the debian package that was just posted in the forum, hope the latest version won't do that or perhaps i shall tweak the config file to have it less hungry...

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