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Hey guys,


just updated my System to Yosemite and realized following Problem.

The folders are just labeled as


"Cannot identify the destination folder"


After some search i also checked the hidden .sync/ID in the folders. They are present and apparently not damaged.


I granted read-only access for my NAS device which status is fine.


My synclog extraction for a specifc folder:

{ "archive": "/Users/X", "archive_files": 0, "archive_size": 0, "canencrypt": false, "date_added": YYYY, "down_eta": 0, "down_speed": 0, "down_status": 100, "error": 103, "files": 1208, "has_key": true, "id": YYY, "indexing": false,"iswritable": true, "last_modified": Y, "name": "DEV", "path": "/Users/X", "peers": [     { "direct": true,       "downdiff": 0,       "id": "Y",       "isonline": true,       "lastreceivedtime": 0,       "lastsenttime": YY,       "lastsynctime": Y,       "name": "A", "updiff": 0 } ], "readonlysecret": "secret", "secret": "secret", "secrettype": 1, "size": 23595464, "status": "BitTorrent Sync cannot identify the destination folder.", "up_eta": 0, "up_speed": 0, "up_status": 100 }

Can you give me any advice?



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Sync shows the error when it cannot find appropriate folder for ID it found (or not found) in Sync folder. Could you please:

1) send an output of "ls -al" command from your "/Users/<your_user_name>/Library/Application\ Support/BitTorrent\ Sync/" dir

2) send at least one .sync\ID file for the folder with such error

3) send sync.log (after properly enabling debug logging)


Use address, note this topic and my name in subj,



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Hey guys,


First time in here. 


Just to add that I am having lots of problems with Bit Torrent running on OS X Yosemite 10.10. It crashes as soon as I try to add a new torrent to download. 


I tried reporting the issue but BT torrent crashed before I could send the message.


Can someone kindly provide me with a support email address so I can sent the report? 


Thanks and all the best. 

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