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Nudging File Time Stamps To Force A Resync

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I noticed that I made some changes to a few of my photos but BT Sync got "stuck" trying to sync the files over to my laptop. The logs didn't show anything so I thought I'd use "touch" to update all of the photos to the laptop, but didn't want to pollute the time stamps. I've made a batch file that touches the files by plus five seconds. This effectively forces BT Sync to re-index a given directory, file or file spec., but without resetting the time stamps. When I ran this against my photos directory, it re-synced the files I'd changed and a few others that hadn't synced correctly, but didn't have to send everything over again.


Anyone who'd like a copy can add the sync folder BNIS6FYN5YH4SXYM5V45QAF37VSGU3VTE which has some other Sync-related utilities on it. I've tested it in several scenarios here and it works as intended, but comes with no warranty.

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