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I'm new and if someone already proposed this or it's implemented in any way, i'm sorry for bothering you.


My idea is to enable torent style cloud storrage for Torrent Sync users. Every user should be able to "reserve" certain amount of data (user would select amount) where other torrent sync users would be able to store their data.


So basicly, person A sets up in his client that he is willing to give 100MB of his HDD to network. Same moment he does it, he is able to store 100MB of data on network (so basicly, you get only if you give). If he at any time disables that option, he's data on network is erased and space created for users that are willing to share.


Security and privacy of data can be handled by owners computer that would encrypt and rename files before sending. Aditionaly files could be split so every "storage" user would receive only part of file, which would render that file unusable to anyone except owner that has key.


Maybe even allow users to change ratio of storage they are willing to share in way that they would share 200MB to be able to store 100MB but their own cloud stored data would be duplicated around network twice, so he (owner) is sure it will be available to him even if parts of network disconnect, and well, he would have faster download speeds too.


I know that i would be willing to share 500MB for every 100MB i use and i'm sure many would go to even larger lengths to ensure they have their data available at all time.


Anyway, i dont have exact idea how this all would be executed, but i think technology and code is out there. Torrent already has "storage and distribution" of data handled. Identification of files / users on network could be done trough unique "adresses" something like Bitcoin has etc.


I'd like to know is this even remotely possible at least in theory.

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