Max Data Transfer Per Month

Jim Babcock

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My ISP has a limit on how much data can be sent each month. It would be nice if it was possible to set a maximum so that I do not go over and get charged. The way I have been doing it is only start Sync when I know I can manually monitor what it is doing. It is a real pain and limits my use of Sync.

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Would it not just be better to rate-limit your up/down bandwidth, using the existing settings, or perhaps be able to sync on a schedule or have a selective pause function instead?


Having Sync "cut off" entirely for the remained of a calendar month once a certain amount of data has transferred in.out would mean that your files wouldn't then sync with other devices for the remained of that month - they could be out-of-sync for days!! - somewhat defeating the whole point of file synchronization software!?


Take, for example, the following scenario; you have two devices A and B, A is set to "cut off" once a certain amount of data has transferred in a given month. An important file already exists and is in sync on both devices. The file is then updated by A on the 20th of the month. Unfortunately, by that time A has already reached its monthly data limit, so the changes made don't propagate to other devices. Meanwhile, on the 30th of the month, the corresponding file is updated on B. When the 1st of the next month rolls around, the updates made on A on the 20th which never sync'd anywhere will be lost, as B has a newer copy of the file and will propagate that to A!


So essentially, when you update a file on any device, you really want those changes to propagate to other devices as soon as possible ...and not have to wait until the start of the next month!


That's perhaps why limiting bandwidth, having a "selective pause" function (so that you can pause non-essential syncing, but still allow some syncing to take place), or be able to sync on a schedule (i.e. only during certain hours of the day) may be a better option than a complete "cut off" each month?

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