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Hi, all-


I just went through the initial setup of BTSync on my mobile device. My reason for using it is to store an emergency backup of some auto-save files that are generated by software I'm using to complete a project for a client. As the project progresses, these files will grow in size to equal probably 3-4 GB total, so they should fit nicely in my phone's available space as a backup.


What I want to know is, is the sync bi-directional? So if I accidentally delete a file on my phone, will it then be deleted on my computer? And if this is the case by default, is there a way to change it so that the computer's folder is treated as the "master" copy of the files, and the phone simply updates to match it?


Thanks for any light you can shed!



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You really should look at the FAQ and documentation as this is quite thoroughly covered there. But, in a few short words:


Yes, this is possible. You will need to add the folder in question to BTsync using your main computer. Then copy & use the read-only secret on your phone. This will make it one-way sync. 


To find the read-only secret: Right click on folder in main btsync window --> Open folder info

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Thanks for the info. I actually discovered that shortly after posting my question, and my apologies for the waste of bandwidth on something covered in the documentation.

I've since decided to go another route for this particular purpose (what I need is really more of a backup then a sync). But BTSync is an intriguing program and I can see how it could be quite useful!

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