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I have 5 Windows computers that share a folder with photos and videos, in subdirectories (our family photos and videos, thousands).


One of the computers is the main one (mine), the other 4 (remote family computers) have read-only secrets. I need one of those computers to receive ONLY jpg files, not avi files (it has a small hd).


How could I do this? What should be the contents of syncignore in that or the rest computers?


Thanks in advance for the answer.

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I believe there is a request for a .syncOnlyAllow type system sometime in the future. Cast your vote for it in


For the moment, the easiest way would be to exclude the most common video formats. Unless you're recording/encoding in something really strange I would suggest adding the following to your .syncIgnore:


















Of course, check and make sure you don't have video files that are going to be outside that range. My guess is the list above will cover 99%+


You will also have to remove the folder in question from btsync on the small hd computer. Delete any video files. Then create the .syncignore with the above exceptions. Then re-add the folder using the read-only key. 

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