Slow And Inconsistent Syncing (Ds214 Play)

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Thanks for what appears to be a great tool.  I'm new to BTSync so I may have misunderstood some of it's capabilities and uses so I'm posting for clarification.


My use case - I have 2 Apple computers, 2 iOS devices, and a NAS (DS214Play) that I would like to sync some information between.  My first test was to sync my photos which are attached to my iMac via an external FireWire disk.


I have BTSync 1.3.106 installed on my NAS and iMac computer. I setup some .SyncIgnore rules on both machines so that they match exactly.  




# .SyncIgnore is a UTF-8 encoded .txt file that helps you specify single files,$
# for ignoring during the synchronization job. It supports "?" and "*" wildcard$
# OS generated files #



Other than that I'm using stock settings.  I pair them up correctly and the sync begins fine.  Here's part of my problems:


1 - The sync speeds are EXTREMELY slow 0.3kBs up and 0.4kBs down.  At this rate it would take a week to sync the folders.  Is this a known issue, or do I need to adjust my settings maybe?


2 - I have gone through this process two times.  The first time the sync seemed to stall halfway through the process, not sure if my machine went to sleep or what happened, but only half the photos were in the directory structure on the NAS. It doesn't seem to matter if I kill and restart the BTSync on the iMac, it doesn't attempt to copy over the files that are missing on the NAS.


My understanding was, as long as they are both set to Full Access, that they would mirror each other.  I assumed that the first sync was a mirror from the iMac to the NAS in this case.


Has anyone been having this issue or am I missing something?


Thanks for reading,


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On The Mac:


Use Relay Server

Use Tracker server

Search LA

Store deleted file in SynchArchive

Everything else (predefined hosts and Search DHT Network) is not selected.


Preferences on Mac:

Listening Port 12329

Use NAT UPnP port Mapping


Advanced Settings:



On the NAS:

Properties are the same as the mac for the share. and the preferences are:





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It can improve the initial sync speed.

What settings do you have enabled on the share (both sides)?


I've been thinking more about this.  While it may improve initial sync times my use case would be going on the road and shooting 10GB or more of photo and video.  Coming home and dumping that onto the drive attached to my iMac and letting it sync with the NAS.  If this is purposely throttled that way maybe this isn't the solution I thought it was?

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I started from scratch and copied the entire folder structure over to the NAS before sharing.  The speeds are fast now varying from 155kB to 690kB up.  But the transfers are constant and iterating over the entire folder structure and files like they are constantly changing.  Is there an issue with the Synology and BitTorrent?  This doesn't seem as straight forward as the manual/faq suggests.  Been a week trying to get this working, frustrating.  

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For what it's worth, I have had the same problem, on a ds214, to the extent that I just uninstalled BT Sync. The problem I was having was like yours, and also that BTSync wasn't listening to the ignore file list (even after removing the relevant folders on both Mac and the Synology, updating the ignore list, and then readding), which was causing hanging on various "ResourceFork" type files.

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Hi Steve,


The issue is very likely in inability to sync xattrs of MacOS files to NAS. This is not something about Synology, it is something special between Mac and Linux OSes. 


There are 2 ways to proceed here:

1. Add Mac's xattrs to the ignore list (adding* should do the trick)

2. Wait for 1.4 release - which has this issue addressed properly.

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