Netgear Readynas On A 10X Looses Settings

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Hi there,


i'm running BitTorrent Version 1.3.105 on a Readynas 104 and so far it seems to work fine.


The only thing which bothers me is that set settings aren't kept after a reboot both device name and port.
Especially it seems that the listening port is CHANGED (not even ony kept) or varies after every boot.


I've changed the values over the GUI, but after every reboot the device name is reset as well as the port has got a random number.


Since i can't imagine that this works as designed what can i do?

Is there a way to edit files via ssh?







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Howdy Ulli,


I'm the Sync team member responsible for packaging Sync for NAS.


Thank you for this bug report. I am able to reproduce what you describe with the devices in our lab.


This bug has been brought in to the work queue for the next week. I'd hope to have an updated build delivered to Netgear before this coming Wednesday. Do note that it takes a handful of days for the package to go live after delivery. As a result, it may be between a week or two before it's live in their App store.


If you would like to workaround this on your own, you can SSH in to the device and modify the sync.conf file located in /apps/btsync/config to change "device_name" and "listening_port" to what you'd like. 


Thanks again!

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