How Fast Is Btsync On Nas?

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Is there any overview about the performance of BTsync on NAS? On which one do we get which performance?


Is the AES-encryption the bottleneck? If so, will using a CPU with AES-NI instruction speed up sync significantly?


I want to sync large amounts of data over a 1 Gbit line and I want to fully saturate that link if possible. From what I read here in various posts, cheap NAS seem to be miles away from that performance.

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Howdy Spacemarine,


Unfortunately I am not aware of any comparative reviews of Sync performance across different NAS and so I do not have any hard numbers available. 


However, if performance is your concern I would err on purchasing a NAS with an x86 processor. In general, I have seen much better performance with Sync on x86 hardware than with ARM.


Both Netgear and QNAP have x86 based NAS with official packages for Sync available in their NAS app stores.


To establish an upper bounds you could look at some file transfer performance tests for various NAS. If the NAS is not capable of saturating a gigabit link during unencrypted file transfer there is no way Sync will be able to do any better. 


The entry level NAS with ARM CPU's tend to not use the latest generation ARM processors and so are lacking a bit in computational horsepower. Some mid-level NAS with ARM CPU's have more recent generation ARM processors and so are fairly respectable for the price point.


It is also necessary to consider the number, type, and configuration of the drives in the NAS - as well as the use case. For a write heavy use case, you would have a hard time saturating a gigabit link with spinning disks unless you have much more than a few disks in your array. Another confuddling variable is the size of your files. I'd expect to see better performance with larger files than with many smaller files.

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