Some Way To Verify That 2 Synced Folder Are Fully Synced.


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Me and a friend uses btsync on a server each (Synology NAS in my case), syncing with each other. Main purpose is off-site backup. Both have ecrypt-fs active so the actual content is hidden from the other one.


Since this is backup, we seldom look at the actual content of the other persons disk but we still want some way to verify that all the content on my side has been transfered to the other side. (other server down/btsync stopped or any other reason)


Do btsync use some kind of id value/hash value of the state of the synced folder that we can access and compare? Ideal would be to set up some kind of weekly cron job that fetches some identity of the current state, send it (possibly outside btsync) and then allow the other to check that the state of the folder is the same. Doing a full file listing/sha1 hashing seems wasteful if btsync already have this information.


Do you have any solution for this particular problem?




--- Mikael R


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